Monday, June 15, 2009

i'll wait for you anna sui

I usually don't go wild for the Target atmosphere; I don't like smelling corn dogs as I'm trying to buy towels, I don't like all the devil children who play hide and seek in clothing racks, and I hate spending way too much time looking for the mate of the only decent heel they have in size 9... BUT there are some things I like about Target; cheap sunglasses, garden gnomes, and of course, designers like Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui designing lines for regular, minimum-wage earners like myself. Anna Sui is the next designer up and I will be eagerly awaiting the line's launch on September 13th. Plus with descriptions like, "the elements of art, city, spirit, punk and glamour" I can only imagine what Anna Sui is cooking up with her Target line. Hopefully, it will include inspirations or the slight essence of her fall 09 line, which is incredible. It definitely beckons the Russian gypsy rocker bohemian in me! 


  1. really love the 1st dress with blue hue...p:s lovely

  2. I love the colors in these photos..

    x M