Sunday, July 26, 2009

top of my pops

I've finally gotten around to posting something about how much I love Top Shop and Kate Moss.  So below is my current wish list and a few favorite shots of Kate Moss and her current line since they are so wonderful and exotic....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

card shark coco

For future Halloween costume reference...very Charlie Chaplin! Check out Coca Rocha's blog while you're at it! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

time to pretend

My summers spent working at my neighborhood ecology camp are never spent in complete vain. Yes, I admit it, I should be in the adult work force with a consistent, full-time job, but I haven't gotten around to that on purpose. Personally, never having got to spend endless days running about as a small camper myself, I secretly enjoy reliving my childhood days in such fashion. The days of arts and crafts, popsicles, sand in the hair, and playgrounds are just simple pleasures that make up for the endless hours of wiping noses, unbearable heat, and riding my bike home in the pouring rain (an experience, which by the way, can be extremely enjoyable or extremely depressing). Speaking of fashion, the pieces below from NYC Fashion remind me of these simple pleasures... a nice display of glam dress-up, but with a grown up decorum. It's the sugary punk, playful costume, and retro-inspired elements that draw me to this particular designer. It's hardcore kids play, but done with the air of maturity. All in all, I am definitely thinking about celebrating the close of another summer by ordering my own one-of-a-kind bubblegum, snake-pleated, tutu-metallic gown.