Monday, August 24, 2009

style a to zoe

So I'd like to discuss for a moment, Rachel Zoe. She gets blasted from all sides, but I love her. She is a style goddess and let's face it, she is a legitimate expert on style and fashion in an arena where many, many people (myself included) pretend they are hot shit. Rachel is hot shit. I respect her flamboyance when it comes to her personal style. I enjoy her giant, chunky jewelry, the sequined gowns and every single one of her furs has convinced me that I need some fur of my own.... faux of course. I am also comforted that even she has that same uncontrollable shopping/spending money disease I also am plagued with. Look, you can say what you like about her questionable age, her weight, or whatever it is about her that many people seem to dislike, but I have great respect for this woman and look up to her dearly. She loves fashion and has contributed to having fashion regarded as artistic expression, as a form of creativity, as real art. Not only that, but Rachel has made this into a living and a successful living at that. ANYWAYS.... her show, "The Rachel Zoe Project" on Bravo debuts the second season tonight and I know I am not the only one who is excited for it. 


  1. I actually like Rachel Zoe as well! I loved watching her reality show on Bravo. She is great a styling!


  2. I've heard her name a lot, but I honestly don't know anything about her! I've heard she's a great stylist.

  3. yeah she's amazing, if you're interested about getting to know more about her watch her show (she's hilarious btw) OR she also wrote a book called style a to zoe which is an imperative reference in my personal fashion library!