Thursday, September 17, 2009

bon, better, best!

Unique High Leg Boots

Unique Ankle Boots

Power Lace Up Bootie by Boutique 

In conclusion, I need a crap load of money so those over the knee boots I found on Topshop can be mine forever. And speaking of, Christopher Kane's line for Topshop launches tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

soft goodbyes and gulps

Well, so long summer dreamin'. My first day of class starts tomorrow and I feel like I've been drafted and must report for duty. This was a good summer, busy, went by fast, but generally pleasant. No turning back now; completely unavoidable and I can't seem to put my finger on as to why the end of this particular summer is so sore for me. It might be because of what awaits me, long winters and days spent in lectures and the stress of it all and then imagining how long I will have to wait for the next summer. No more lingering nights of sitting on my friend's stoops, no more hot shorts, or bare feet, or outdoor music fests, or walking really lit throughout quiet green neighborhoods, or driving with all the windows down, or Diary Queen. Crap, I'm gonna miss Dairy Queen. So for the celebratory-wake  I'm heading out for my last summer night to sit on my friend's stoop while we all drink Peach Schnapps and chain smoke. Pretty damn poetic I think. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

unnatural things

Okaayyy it's official. My iPhone is possessed by something unnatural. My own private horror film began with a bizarre series of prank and blocked calls, flashing on and off, turning back on in the dead of night, and the other night 666 flashed on my keyboard after it had been sitting in front of me on the coffee table all night.... as I was watching "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." So there. It's official and it's kind of pathetic that I'm slightly terrified of a small plastic and metal rectangle.

Went to Zara the other day and now I wonder why I haven't frequented there more often. It was a result of being utterly bored with summer sales. I also decided to quit spending my money on crap that lasted not very long and instead invest for quality over quantity. I am by no means a thrifty shopper; my undiagnosed ADHD is so bad I can't last in front of a sale rack for more than, oh maybe 45 seconds before I combust, but Zara is sort of a compromise between really modern luxe clothing, but at really decent prices. I picked up a Western-style denim button-down, which I have been desiring as my plaid-replacement for fall. I nabbed a nice pair of brown leather heels for only 21 bucks, a huge dolman charcoal sweater that I am still dying over, and then I actually went back today to get this brown faux fur bomber jacker. It's amazing and the short bald Asian man who rang me up kept rubbing his face on it exclaiming how he could just fall asleep, which made me love the jacket even more! I should really post pictures of all these things I find and wear, but I'm lazy and it's hard to take photos of yourself everyday that are decent enough to post, so I'll just leave the photo-taking to the experts. 

P.S. William Tempest is cool. I would wear that first dress every single day if it meant I could have it forever. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

liza and jimmy

what i would do for any/all of these! those black lace booties with the gold/brass stiletto - i die!

rad blue shoes, no?

First and foremost, I love everything about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They are my style icons forever and always. On a random veering of topic, I often wonder what people I know will look like when they're old and I honestly can't wait to see the Olsens at age late 60's... most likely will still dress as rad as they do now. 

How do I even begin to describe the fall '09 campaign for Elizabeth and James? When I see their fall shoe line it reminds me of a modern interpretation of pre-WWI NYC, beginning of the 20th century when the industrial revolution was all anyone had. People echoed their city, starched, dirty, hard-working, and scraping by. Of course E&J does this with more luxury, a demure femininity. I get a different vibe from the clothing however, which probably means my musings are completely off. The editorials for the fall '09 campaign (three of which, are pictured above) remind me of maybe Johnny Depp in "Babyface" mixed with the really amazing British 1988 film "Skinheads" and maybe a touch of "Changeling"... which is also a really good film. It's punky, but there's this retro 50's thing... hmm I guess I really can't describe this well but nonetheless I love Elizabeth and James furrrrever.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

this for that

Here's to the sunny days of not doing much before its approaching disappearance, when I have to begin my days of still not doing much,  but this time it becomes agonizing and distractingly academic. I had forgotten how relaxing and endless these days can be. For me, endless days are birthed from a highly sensitive equation of sunny days, a slight chill in the air, sleeping in mornings but still waking up and lingering in the taste of the early morning haze, lots of coffee, reading, and errand cruisin' with all the windows open, alternating between French jazz and Johnny Thunders....all before sunset.  Today has pretty much delivered such. Ate way too much homemade guacamole and amazing Aztec white corn chips I found grocery shopping. Also wandered around the craft store for a bit. I'm trying to make comanche, Navajo-style, beaded earrings and I needed more beading needs. Impulsively also bought some glass seed beads and different-sized gold and copper chain. I am also eagerly awaiting the delivery of The Sartorialist, which I managed to sneak into my used textbook order... so much more interesting than 200 pages of computer programing code... though I must add that one of my sociology classes has Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the book list....YES, one book I don't have to buy/steal/barter/borrow!

PS I can't remember where I found this, most likely from blog-surfing... but in any case, the perfect summer, weekend vacation in the northern woods, love nest.