Wednesday, September 2, 2009

liza and jimmy

what i would do for any/all of these! those black lace booties with the gold/brass stiletto - i die!

rad blue shoes, no?

First and foremost, I love everything about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They are my style icons forever and always. On a random veering of topic, I often wonder what people I know will look like when they're old and I honestly can't wait to see the Olsens at age late 60's... most likely will still dress as rad as they do now. 

How do I even begin to describe the fall '09 campaign for Elizabeth and James? When I see their fall shoe line it reminds me of a modern interpretation of pre-WWI NYC, beginning of the 20th century when the industrial revolution was all anyone had. People echoed their city, starched, dirty, hard-working, and scraping by. Of course E&J does this with more luxury, a demure femininity. I get a different vibe from the clothing however, which probably means my musings are completely off. The editorials for the fall '09 campaign (three of which, are pictured above) remind me of maybe Johnny Depp in "Babyface" mixed with the really amazing British 1988 film "Skinheads" and maybe a touch of "Changeling"... which is also a really good film. It's punky, but there's this retro 50's thing... hmm I guess I really can't describe this well but nonetheless I love Elizabeth and James furrrrever.


  1. Those blue shoes are incredible. I love royal blue.

    Im going to be attending New York Fashion Week so check back to my blog for updates. Ill be updating every day of the week.

  2. I LOVE all those boots, especially the first pair :)


  3. I love everything!!