Tuesday, September 8, 2009

soft goodbyes and gulps

Well, so long summer dreamin'. My first day of class starts tomorrow and I feel like I've been drafted and must report for duty. This was a good summer, busy, went by fast, but generally pleasant. No turning back now; completely unavoidable and I can't seem to put my finger on as to why the end of this particular summer is so sore for me. It might be because of what awaits me, long winters and days spent in lectures and the stress of it all and then imagining how long I will have to wait for the next summer. No more lingering nights of sitting on my friend's stoops, no more hot shorts, or bare feet, or outdoor music fests, or walking really lit throughout quiet green neighborhoods, or driving with all the windows down, or Diary Queen. Crap, I'm gonna miss Dairy Queen. So for the celebratory-wake  I'm heading out for my last summer night to sit on my friend's stoop while we all drink Peach Schnapps and chain smoke. Pretty damn poetic I think. 


  1. I love Dairy Queen :)
    and the Summer beach nights!

    x, thanks for the comment!

  2. I agree - went by SUPER fast, even though it was one of the nicest summers ever over here i Vancouver, BC> maybe that's why?

    Good luck with school!

    x0x0 Lusty


    PS LOVE your music choices on the sidebar :)

  3. We had such a good summer, ive worn my shorts and tshirts/summer dresses..sigh..... now fall clothing !

    One Love,