Tuesday, September 1, 2009

this for that

Here's to the sunny days of not doing much before its approaching disappearance, when I have to begin my days of still not doing much,  but this time it becomes agonizing and distractingly academic. I had forgotten how relaxing and endless these days can be. For me, endless days are birthed from a highly sensitive equation of sunny days, a slight chill in the air, sleeping in mornings but still waking up and lingering in the taste of the early morning haze, lots of coffee, reading, and errand cruisin' with all the windows open, alternating between French jazz and Johnny Thunders....all before sunset.  Today has pretty much delivered such. Ate way too much homemade guacamole and amazing Aztec white corn chips I found grocery shopping. Also wandered around the craft store for a bit. I'm trying to make comanche, Navajo-style, beaded earrings and I needed more beading needs. Impulsively also bought some glass seed beads and different-sized gold and copper chain. I am also eagerly awaiting the delivery of The Sartorialist, which I managed to sneak into my used textbook order... so much more interesting than 200 pages of computer programing code... though I must add that one of my sociology classes has Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the book list....YES, one book I don't have to buy/steal/barter/borrow!

PS I can't remember where I found this, most likely from blog-surfing... but in any case, the perfect summer, weekend vacation in the northern woods, love nest.