Monday, September 7, 2009

unnatural things

Okaayyy it's official. My iPhone is possessed by something unnatural. My own private horror film began with a bizarre series of prank and blocked calls, flashing on and off, turning back on in the dead of night, and the other night 666 flashed on my keyboard after it had been sitting in front of me on the coffee table all night.... as I was watching "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." So there. It's official and it's kind of pathetic that I'm slightly terrified of a small plastic and metal rectangle.

Went to Zara the other day and now I wonder why I haven't frequented there more often. It was a result of being utterly bored with summer sales. I also decided to quit spending my money on crap that lasted not very long and instead invest for quality over quantity. I am by no means a thrifty shopper; my undiagnosed ADHD is so bad I can't last in front of a sale rack for more than, oh maybe 45 seconds before I combust, but Zara is sort of a compromise between really modern luxe clothing, but at really decent prices. I picked up a Western-style denim button-down, which I have been desiring as my plaid-replacement for fall. I nabbed a nice pair of brown leather heels for only 21 bucks, a huge dolman charcoal sweater that I am still dying over, and then I actually went back today to get this brown faux fur bomber jacker. It's amazing and the short bald Asian man who rang me up kept rubbing his face on it exclaiming how he could just fall asleep, which made me love the jacket even more! I should really post pictures of all these things I find and wear, but I'm lazy and it's hard to take photos of yourself everyday that are decent enough to post, so I'll just leave the photo-taking to the experts. 

P.S. William Tempest is cool. I would wear that first dress every single day if it meant I could have it forever. 


  1. these are some great pieces, especially loving the unique shapes.

    lovely blog Gypsy Cloth!

    jess s//

  2. i love zara.. you will always find something to buy there, either trendy or just plain comfortable.