Tuesday, October 6, 2009

little red riding vogue

Lately, I have been out of control busy. School and particularly work has completely consumed my energy, but my large employee discount and first dibs on cashmere and dvf make it all worth it. So much for indian summer however. Fall wouldn't be so bad, but the weather has been really rainy and gloomy. However, I had forgotten how much I love boots and  coats and scarves and the fact that whatever is underneath doesn't really matter. So helpful. These pictures are from last month's Vogue. I've been behind on posting all my magazine finds, plus my scanner is craptastic. They remind me of what fall should be and it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. Truly. This is also in preparation for harvest times and Halloween. Been living on lentil soup and coffee, reading magazines and using chap stick every five seconds. Guess I'm not minding the fall after all. My blessed gem has just informed me RODARTE is the next designer for Target!! Out of control, I cannot wait! Supposedly, it will be out in December (20th) and there will be around 55 pieces (the most so far for all the Go International lines). UHHH I die. Can't wait to see what their thigh highs will look like! Thank god, something to keep me going through the winter. 


  1. What an incredible editorial! Rodarte designing for Target should be exciting!!

  2. This is an amazing editorial..Natalia looks absolutely stunning.