Monday, October 12, 2009

on a bayonet

Today I completely ignored my school work and focused on hammering a little dent in my fashion homework ( is my heaven by the way). Speaking of, I'm unfortunately ambivalent towards John Galliano's 2009 Spring RTW collection. Galli is a God, but that being said, grievances must be expressed. I was really grooving on the first five or so looks. I'm down for the London Bridges look/military anything. I even didn't mind the juxtapose of the soft shapes and fabrics with the masculine tailored trend. Then it just progressed into this weird Easter at the horse track situation. It may be the misanthrope in me, but really saturated, bright colors make me nauseous. It reminded me of... beach towel colors... not okay. I will say there are some really pretty gowns and dresses and I am sure I will see them soon on the red carpet. And that pink hair in the last photograph above is really making me jealous insane. Then there was this cool floral, almost water color print, which I would have liked in any other circumstance but this. All in all, it was treading the line of mish-mosh. Lingerie chiffon, red and black, military, Easter egg hunting, naval commanders, it was just too much to keep in mind. It should excite and entice, but I should never strain to remember a great collection.  I prefer a fluid cohesive progression of theme. That is just the obsessive compulsive in me. That is also my personal preference in fashion ideology for me. A collection is an experience, as I have lamented before, but truly, it has to remain steady and unwavering. There was just something about Galliano that was unbalanced. BUT that's just me, the incessant nit-picker and to end on a positive note, because you can't win me every time, but it's important to note when you do, Galliano's 2009 fall RTW was utter perfection. I decided to include some of my favorite shots because one, they are amazing, and two, one of my previous posts included a fall Galliano dress in an editorial and it's always nice to return to. Yes, there is nothing I love more than Russian anything. This collection on the other hand is quite extraordinary. There is luxury and an exoticism that wouldn't necessarily be associated with Russian tundra, but here I am transported to a cold, snowy wonderland of diamonds and Russian Christmas youth. Just chilling. 

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  1. road trips as olympic sport!- love that :) as well as those hats & head gear above!! <3