Friday, October 9, 2009

plato's atlantis

It has taken me a few days, but I am finally able to put into words my feelings concerning the Alexander McQueen Spring RTW 2010 collection. Simply, utter incandescence. Lately, I haven't been knocked off my chair, shocked into new waves of electrical currency, or livened by the inhalation of newborn fresh air.... and with particular regards to what's on the runways. Eh, sorry, but it's the truth. Aesthetically  and conceptually, McQueen hit every groove on my palette. It was like watching evolution, literally. His models were like alien reptile-mammals. Claw-footed, gnarled, ghastly  pale, taught, incredible haired, alien reptiles! I must add, I completely bow down to those models for being able to and rocking the insane footwear. They moved like softly slow alien pod people that walk with a stiff, yet graceful fluidity. Ah the shoes! Such brilliance are the giant toe points, hoof-like shape, metal-industrial-like details, the incredible reptile skins and sequins. The shapes and textures were premium and flawless. Ok now let's get to the clothes! I know computerized, intricate, graphic designs are being explored by more than one, but McQueen takes it to a whole different level. The prints are almost more alive than the models and the entire progression of the collection was respectively fluid and ultimately cohesive. Sometimes, as you watch things go down the runway, you just get lost in them and that's the best because it becomes an experience, not just models wearing clothes. So all in all, let us all bow down to a master, the prince, and an utter delight every single time. 


  1. intergalatic future! I wonder if some civilian will actually buy those shoes... Amazing prints :)

    Come take a sneaky peek chez nous...
    Have a lovely weekend :) <3 TBAG

  2. LOVE looking at these photos, the horns on the head are genius!