Tuesday, November 17, 2009

like a rolling stone

I found quite the gem at work today. A reversible skirt; leopard on one side, leather on the other, giant black zipper going all the way down one side! This is also the same place where I found my amazing Elizabeth and James plaid button-down! So I've been really rockin' and rollin' via moi style. My favorite items from my closet recently have been echoing such; a pair of short motorcycle boots, anything black, studded paneled pants, huge men's sweaters. Very band-on-tour, androgynous, Parisian, urban, woodsman. Yup, that about sums it up.  

Oh, PS I 've started my second month at Crossroads Trading Company, which is a really amazing retail company. In a nut shell, we buy and sell trendy, designer clothing. We're eco-friendily, fashion-conscious, and color-coded!!!! It's really exhausting and it's more than working a normal retail job, it requires being aware of fashion trends and being able to relate and translate for our multi-fold costumer demographics. We have a few stores in the Chi, but we're mostly based California. So, please find a store/me and come buy (or sell)!!

And now I must leave and pretend to study for my final tomorrow, while entertaining whether I enjoy MTV's new show, "Styl'd" which I probably shouldn't do at the same time, but ehhh whatever. I. Hate. Finals. 

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