Thursday, January 14, 2010

otherwise engaged

Good God, doesn't this thing age?! Seriously now, she's pushing 30 is she not? Isn't anyone alarmed that she looks younger than when she played Queen Padme Amidala???? So I don't know about you, but I cleaned out several Targets when the Rodarte line debuted. Looks like Natalie Portman did too... and then decided to wear it all at once. Now I'm being catty because I was unable to find a black version of the yellow bow dress she's wearing, in my size. No, but seriously, she's giving my dress a bad name. The dress is so delicate, yet layers and the neckline is the prettiest part, but who would know that looking at this picture? Too many pieces; the black structured jacket and belt is a failed balancing of the fluttery chiffon and the stark and opaque black doesn't blend the outfit. Please, she looks like a little girl who was playing dress up and didn't have time to change completely into her prim and cold English boarding school uniform. Oh, I see, she is recreating an alternative ending to Beauty and the Beast, where Belle instead ditches the Beast and enrolls in etiquette school to reclaim her perviously ignored education in hopes of self-improving; a venture I am completely behind btw, since she did essentially fall in love with a giant angry cat... Please consult the below picture in comparison and just try to disagree with me!

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