Tuesday, January 12, 2010

white noise

I had forgotten how desolate it is in Chicago at this time of year. It's always interesting to me how the people here change during these arctic months. Everyone accepts the wind, snow, sleet, ice, bitter cold, but we all ban together in spite. The nostalgia and charm of winter wonderlands faded a while ago with the holidays. Every time the snow starts to clear from the street, a massive storm hits again and my Toyota and me are doing figure eights in the street. The only thing to keep me warm is my beyond wonderful space heater and day dreams of warmer, greener places. Dan Martensen is an amazing photographer, who has an amazing house in upstate NY. Basically, my dream house. These shots of him and his property are beautiful, quiet, and my main source of envy today. In conclusion, my Midwest gritty tribe, we are some tough kids...pale and wind-chapped, but tough as nails. 

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